Your name is DAN, and you are a ROBOT, at least according to all of your friends.

Your blog includes a variety of interests, such as MUSIC ABOUT ROBOTS, SCI-FI MEDIA CONTAINING ROBOTS, and ADORABLE ANIMALS. This last item seems contradictory until you remember that BUNNIES AREN'T JUST CUTE LIKE EVERYBODY SUPPOSES.

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Anonymous asked: Roomba robot designed to be like a house cat. Gently bumping into human's legs (or tries to; it usually ends up bumping against their ankles). Sitting in warm sun patches on the floor but can't do that for too long or else it'll overheat. Getting picked up and put in human's lap and playing audio clips of cat purrs. Sometimes getting the night crazies and all you hear lying in bed is the sound of the mechanical whirr of a roomba going really fast over hard wood floor.




a motorcycle gang made up of ancient bisexual norse monarchs: the bikings

  • what you should do if you've seen lost: watch lost again
  • what you should do if you haven't seen lost: watch lost



Hey everyone,

A quick clarification on some common questions I’m seeing:

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everybody has that one memefriend. all memes remind you of them. i’m proposing the word “memefriend” to be a new relationship description. are you two dating? no, we’re just memefriends



I Came Out to Have a Good Time and I’m Honestly Feeling So Attacked Right Now by Fall Out Boy

I Came Out to Attack People and I’m Honestly Having a Good Time Right Now by Panic! At the Disco

ooOOOOO i could make a bigger canvas and add a kat


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it looks great so far bb!! <3 (let me guess, talon? ;w; )

thank you!!! (/w\) (EEEEEEYUP)